Welcome to Modbury, a heritage market town that is set in an area of outstanding natural beauty.

Food Thoughts

January 22, 2019

Food Thoughts

My family arrived in Bigbury 25 years ago in March 1994. I cannot believe how quickly the years have passed and the changes that have occurred during the intervening years. Apart from the obvious, such as the children have grown up, many have gone away; but many have also stayed, and some have returned. Bigbury wasn’t as sophisticated as it is today. To coin a phrase: life was simpler.  

Thirty years ago, The Oyster Shack was created by Peter and Faye Lewis. Back then, The Shack housed an oyster farm. It was bursting with row upon row of oyster purification tanks. The oysters used to be cleansed after maturing in the River Avon.

Oyster lovers, mostly locals and a few holiday-makers, used to arrive to buy their fresh molluscs, and tucked in with some crusty bread and a bottle or two of wine. In those days, you could bring your own (BYO) and be charged corkage or choose from the selection of Shack wines. 

I remember celebrating a memorable birthday with family and friends in brilliant sunshine, which lasted the entire afternoon. And there have been many more celebrations since, including more birthdays, reunions, Christmas parties and simply chilling out with great food close to home. 

What struck me then and amuses me now to remember the beginnings of The Shack was the simplicity of everything. visitors would pitch up with their deckchairs and while away an afternoon in the peace and quiet of the Avon Valley.  Hence, in a (quite literally) organic way, The Oyster Shack was born. Keeping this ethos alive, over the years the original building has been extended on to the terrace to create a restaurant both inside and out.  The best of both world: Winters are rustic and cosy inside by the roaring fire whilst Summers can be enjoyed al fresco.

To celebrate their 30th anniversary this year, a new 18 course Taster Menu has been crafted, which includes an extravaganza of both classic and modern cuisine that celebrates the special relationship The Oyster Shack has with its immediate environs, the river Aune, Bigbury and Salcombe Bay.

​The Taster Menu is available for lunch and dinner for a minimum of two people; but needs to be ordered in advance. ​

Don’t take my word, visit the website to find out a whole lot more. www.oystershack.co.uk