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Royal British Legion
Royal British Legion Modbury Branch
Royal British Legion - MODBURY & DISTRICT BRANCH

The Royal British Legion has been supporting Service men and women, ex-serving personnel and their families since just after World War 1 (The Great War)
The British Legion was formed on 15 May 1921, bringing together four national organisations of ex-Servicemen that had established themselves after the First World War:

  • The National Association of Discharged Sailors and Soldiers
  • The British National Federation of Discharged and Demobilized Sailors and Soldiers
  • The Comrades of The Great War
  • The Officers' Association

The amalgamation of these diverse bodies can be attributed largely to two men: Field Marshal Earl Haig and Tom Lister of The Federation of Discharged and Demobilized Sailors and Soldiers. Lord Haig served as the President of The Royal British Legion until his death.

Field Marshall Earl Haig
Field Marshall Earl Haig

The first ever Poppy Appeal was also held in 1921. The poppies sold out almost immediately and raised over £106,000 - a considerable amount at the time. This money was used to help WW1 veterans with employment and housing.

Poppies on the Somme

Today we're at the heart of a national network looking after our Armed Forces community.
The Legion is here to help serving and ex-serving personnel all year round, every day of the week. Our support starts after seven days of service and continues through life, long after service is over.


The first Modbury British Legion Club was founded in the town of Modbury in 1923 and then expanded to include some of the nearby villages. A re-organisation happened between the World Wars but in 1966 it was decided that the Branch would close and the Royal British Legion Standard, with due ceremony, was laid up in the Remembrance Chapel of St George’s Church in Modbury.

However in 1996 two World War 2 veterans decided that it would be good idea to reform the branch. Lt Cdr Gordon Scott-Bevis, Leading Aircraftman Don Masters, CPO Bill Sloman and LCpl David Mitchell arranged a meeting and Modbury RBL Branch came into being once again. Lt Cdr Gordon Scott- Bevis became the new Chairman and CPO Bill Sloman was the vice. A new Standard was commissioned and made and an ex-Irish guardsman, John O’Neil, became the Standard Bearer.

More information on the fallen from 2 world wars is here:

Lest We Forget

Officials of the Branch have been:

President – Lt Cdr Gordon Scott-Bevis, CPO Bill Sloman, Lt Cdr Alan Miller-Williams
Vice President – Lt Col David West

Chairman – Lt Cdr Gordon Scott-Bevis, CPO Bill Sloman, LAC Don Masters,  Wing Cdr Stan Pratt, Lt Col Chris Hawkey, Mr George Rosevear
Vice Chairman – Mr Bill Hurdle, LAC Roy Sims, Mr George Rosevear, Lt Col Chris Hawkey
Secretary – Mr Olly Jackson, LCpl David Mitchell, Lt Cdr David Scott
Treasurer – Lt Cdr Phil Andrews, Mr Graham Bayliss, Sqdn Ldr Ted Squires, Mr Geof Fielden
Poppy Appeal – LAC Don Masters, RMP Beryl Masters, CPO Ade Atkinson
Standard Bearer – Gdsmn John O’Neil, RMP Beryl Harris, Lt Cdr David Scott
Welfare Case Workers – LCpl David Mitchell, Lt Cdr Phil Andrews, RMP Beryl Harris
Padres – Canon Bob Campbell-Smith, Revd Peter Willis, Revd Stephen Allsopp

Royal British Legion Modbury Devon

An explanation of Signal Flags can be found here >

Notable Events

County Manager Tom Courtney helped to set up the present Branch in 1996, which has always met in the Modbury Club.
In 2002 Golden Jubilee Year the Branch members joined other county branches at Torre Abbey Gardens for a parade and inspection by the Duke of Kent.
The first Poppy Appeal launch was done by Alexis Bowater outside Modbury Post Office in October 2007.
The Branch has sponsorship from Coaches Haulage and South West Highways.

The Branch is looking forward to celebrating and gaining its 25 year pennant as the RBL celebrates its 100th birthday in 2021.

Modbury Royal British Legion